Return and Refund Policy

Please keep in mind the following points when making a return or an exchange for your Whey Factory Online Store purchases.

For returns and exchanges, customers will have two options.

One is to surrender the items at physical store’s address, the second option is to contact our customer support to facilitate return via our courier who will return the items to us where we will perform product inspection. If deemed fit for replacement, we will replace the items and send back the new items free of shipping charges.

  1. User has the option to return the defective/damaged purchased merchandise within seven (7) days on the following conditions:
  • The product is in its original packaging.
  • The product has no significant consumption

NOTE: Generally, only expired and/or damaged products will be entertained for exchange. Specific cases like that of wrong flavour can become an exception, as long as the item(s) to be exchanged are of the same kind or of the same price or higher. Please note that promotional and sale items are can no longer be exchanged or returned.

  1. The original receipt or invoice SHOULD be presented when returning defective/damaged goods.
  • A copy will be included in the package. Should it be misplaced or become unavailable, an affidavit of loss is required before it can be reprinted.
  1. All returned items shall be subject to quality control and assessment to confirm its condition.
  2. The following shall explain the refund process on each mode of payment:


Whey Factory does not capture payments unless the products are deemed available and the purchase is sure to push through. However, in cases where a refund is unavoidable, Whey Factory will refund the amount to the account the customer used to pay for the purchase within 7 days of finalization of the order.

Bank Deposit

For instances where changes in the order is needed and refunding is unavoidable, the Whey Factory presents two options:

  • Deposit the amount to the customer’s bank account. The deposit will be made 5-7 business days upon finalizing the order.
  • The customer can pick up the amount in cash at our main office at the physical store address.