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ISO-GOLD starts out already as a clean protein, with virtually no fat and zero lactose. But to ensure that THIS isolate is the one that actually gets to your muscles, ISO-GOLD is the world's first protein fortified with Aminogen and Lactase. Lactase helps annihilate that last tiny 1% of lactose left over after TRUE cold filtering, making this protein the easiest on the stomach. Then, Aminogen, a patented enzyme breakthrough clinically proven to liberate up to 50% more amino acids from your protein, is introduced on to the scene. This vast surge in amino acid uptake is precisely what you need for REAL muscle growth! You won? t find a bunch of fancy ingredients or fancy pseudo, scientific, sounding "delivery systems" in unlisted miniscule amounts in ISO-GOLD our formula is all hard core, all the way!


  • ISOGOLD is high in protein which helps build and repair body tissues, and helps build antibodies and strong muscles.
  • Delivers a whopping 27 grams of pure protein per scoop
  • 99% lactose free & fortified with lactase
  • Super cold filtered (no acid treated whey protein).
  • Wheat free (no glutamine peptides)

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Ultra-CFM V-92 Whey Protein Isolate, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Aminogen Protease I & Protease II), Sucralose, Lactase (Lactose Reducing Enzyme), Lecithin