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PVL Water Tight 90 capsules

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- Reduces puffiness, swelling, bloating and cellulite
- No muscle cramping
- 8 diuretic technologies
- Works in as little as 3 days

PVL Watertight is a full strength diuretic used by professional bodybuilders scientifically designed to aid in shedding excess water quickly, as well as enhancing muscle definition and reducing bloating. WaterTight has been one of the most popular diuretics on the market since 2000.

To gain a tight look so you can maximize your muscle definition, you need to shed the excess water that lies beneath your skin. It's unhealthy to stop drinking water as it will lead to dehydration, so you need to preserve minerals, electrolytes and the intramuscular water inside your muscle cells. WaterTight is specially formulated to purge the water from your body after all the good stuff has been extracted.
An example is potassium retention, this product actually preserves intramuscular and sheds the rest. Water inside of your muscles is vital for size, but water under the skin just makes your muscles look flat.


To use this product effectively you need to take 2 servings a day which equates to a total of 6 capsules. You will begin to see results in as little as 72 hours.